We deliver complete range of solutions in data processing from concept to delivery.

  • Custom Solutions
  • Open Source
  • Cost Optimized

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the businesses make best decision by leveraging data. We strive to design and build best in class custom solutions for Big Data Processing in cost effective manner.


Our Values



We have a culture of putting the truth at the forefront. We discuss the problems, admit the mistakes and are transparent about pricing with our clients. We believe building trust through transparent communication is crucial for long term succes.



We strive to build reliable and consistent solutions. Through our "Quality First" principle, we invest in long term success of our clients by helping them make right decisions. This helps businesses build customer loyalty, and establish a solid foundation for sustainable success.


Client Focus

We put the needs, preferences, and satisfaction of clients at the center of our operations. We map entire decision journey and identify solutions suited for your need. Our solutions are coustomized to solve the specific problem your decisions makers face.

We Love Data


Data-Driven Decision Making

Use data to assess risks, identify opportunities, and optimize strategies. Make your decision based on Data.


Integrated analytics

Integrate data from different departments, systems, and sources into a centralized platform to gain comprehensive insights.


Data Security

We specialize in Safeguarding sensitive data, such as customer information, financial records, and intellectual property against unauthorized access and potential misuse.


Psychological Understanding of Data

Integration of psychology and data reflects the recognition that the human element is crucial in the world of data. Data analysis and interpretation are not purely technical processes; they involve understanding the human context in which data operates.

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Our Approach

Our values and mission guides our approach. We only engage with clients where we find synergy. We work with companies that seek solution that are long lasting and of highest quality. Once we have decided to work for a client, we focus our efforts to make their plans successful. We generally do not engage in fixed cost project. We work on agile development, with weekly sprints. We guarantee predictable cost on our sprints and project.

Let's Talk Data

We love data and love solving data problem. We're committed to making data understandable !

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Time zones ain't no thing

We are based in UK, but we can support your business in any time zone, we work 24x7.

Impossible? We're on it

Difficult is done at once, the impossible takes a bit longer. If it is possible, consider it done. The impossible, it will be done!

Full spectrum of services

We provide full spectrum of enterprise data services.

Flexible work terms

We understand that every business is different. We work on both fixed cost and time and material basis. We can also provide consultants, who can work alongside your existing team.