Big Data Architecture

We design secure, fault tolerant and scalable Big Data solutions that work across various departments and teams.

Big data architecture is the foundation for big data analytics. The big data architecture framework serves as a reference blueprint for big data infrastructures and solutions, logically defining how big data solutions will work, the components that will be used, how information will flow, and security details. A good big data system is designed to handle the ingestion, processing, and analysis of data that is too large or complex for traditional database systems.

The size of Big Data realm differs for organizations. For some, it can mean hundreds of gigabytes of data, while for others it means hundreds of terabytes. Size of data, need for advance analytics capabilities, users and the budget are some of the key factors that affect the big data architecture.

Key Differentiators


Code First

We follow Data Pipelines are code, which means they are versioned and have tests. The pipeline as code model creates automated processes that drives efficiently


Data Governance

We place Data Governance is at core of the system architecture. Data security and compliance are designed as integral part of the system and not as afterthought.


Cost Optimized

Highly scalable, large-scale distributed clusters are typically the foundation for modern big data architectures, we build them to run and scale to save every penny.

Our Approach


Analyze the Business

Understand data variety, velocity, and challenges with the current system. Common use cases include data archival, process offload, data lake implementation, unstructured data processing, and data warehouse modernization. We work with various teams to model the the problem and understand the budget..


Decide Deployment Strategy

Deployment can be either on-premises, which tends to be more secure; cloud-based, which is cost effective and provides flexibility regarding scalability; or a mix deployment strategy. If cloud based bring an agreement on the the provider AWS, Azure or GCP..


Select Tooling

Hadoop is one of the most widely recognized big data architecture tools for managing big data end to end architecture. Select from variou various Hadoop distribution, Databricks, BigInsights, Cloudera. Next select various component, orchestration tools, visualization tools etc.


Architecure, Design and Devops planning

Plan for Data Architecture, pipeline design, CICD etc to support business requirments. This also includes data security, monitoring, autoscaling, disaster recovery, data governance..


Architectural Patterns

Unstructured data is the fastest growing type of data, some example could be imagery, sensors, telemetry, video, documents, log files, and email data files. There are several techniques to address this problem space of unstructured analytics. The techniques share a common characteristics of scale-out, elasticity and high availability. MapReduce, in conjunction with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and HBase database, as part of the Apache Hadoop project is a modern approach to analyze unstructured data. Hadoop clusters are an effective means of processing massive volumes of data, and can be improved with the right architectural approach.

We support all three key architectural patterns, based on needs of the Business..

Our Expertise


Data Hub


Real Time Processing


Data Security


Model Automation


Cost Optimization


Cloud Native

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