Data Science

We build end-to-end data processing, modelling and machine learning pipelines in Python.

As data-driven decision-making is the new normal, data science along with enabling technologies such as AI, ML, etc. has become indispensable to eliminate data clutter and extract valuable business insights from big data.

Data science helps mitigate business risks and drive business outcomes and innovations through smarter decisions.

Key Differentiators


Generative AI

Connectors and adapters are capable of efficiently connecting any format of data and can connect to a variety of different storage systems, protocols, and networks.


Model Automation

Includes provisions for privacy and security, operating from the moment of ingestion through processing, analysis, storage, and deletion.



Highly scalable, large-scale distributed clusters are typically the foundation for modern big data architectures, which must be monitored continually via central management consoles.‍

Our Approach


Business Analysis

Data science projects by starts with business analysis rather than requirement analysis. We call this business analysis, we deliberately keep it open ended at this point to allow for obnubilated insight discovery. We start with a mind-map of all the relevant data sources, questions and insights requirements. At the end of the process we narrow down on the data sources and the kind of exploration we would like to build..


Data Preparation

Data preparation and sourcing is important step in data science project. In this step we source both structured and unstructured data. Data is profiled, cleansed, validated and then prepared for model building. Feature engineering involves addition and construction of additional variables, or features, to your dataset to improve. Data preparation step involves building feature stores..


Model building & Training

Model building is the core part of data analytics and is used to extract insights and knowledge from the data to make business decisions and strategies. Model building in data is aimed at achieving not only high accuracy on the training data but also the ability to generalize and perform well on new, unseen data. Therefore, the focus is on creating a model that can capture the underlying patterns and relationships in the data, rather than simply memorizing the training data.


Model Automation and Feedback Loop

Automated Machine Learning significantly boosts the productivity of data team, allowing them to focus on the key modelling areas that require their time and attention. Model Automation is enabler for building better models faster. Feedback from users is incorporated in the models in quick iteration as a result of automation. .


Predictive Analytics

We Combine sophisticated machine learning tools with complex statistical models and data mining techniques to build advanced bespoke predictive analytics models. Leverage our expertise in data science to increase the value of your existing data and generate most actionable insights in today’s highly competitive business environment.

  • Churn Prediction
  • Recommendation System
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Credit Scoring
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Market Campaign Optimization

Machine Learning & AI

Build, train, validate, optimise, deploy, and test machine learning models using the latest tools and technologies. Some of the areas that we have worked are-

  • Customer Feedback Analysis
  • Segment Analysis
  • Data Categorization & Classification
  • Context Aware Search
  • Text Generation
  • Visual Search
  • Video Analysis

Statistical Analysis & Data Mining

  • Designing surveys and experiments
  • Summarizing and understanding data
  • Estimating population behavior
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Profiling

Our Expertise






Perdictive Analysis


Large Datasets


Model Selection


MLOps and DataOps

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