Data Visualization

We deliver smart data visualization that facilitate not only Decision making but also Idea generation, research and Visual Discovery.

Our eyes are drawn to colours and patterns. We can quickly identify red from blue, square from circle. Our culture is visual, that is why Data Visualization is so important for human Decision Making.

Data Visualisation is story telling with a purpose.

Key Differentiators


Ease of Use

Connectors and adapters are capable of efficiently connecting any format of data and can connect to a variety of different storage systems, protocols, and networks.


Smart Dashboards

Includes provisions for privacy and security, operating from the moment of ingestion through processing, analysis, storage, and deletion.



Highly scalable, large-scale distributed clusters are typically the foundation for modern big data architectures, which must be monitored continually via central management consoles.‍

Our Approach


Requirements Analysis

At the core of creating meaningful data visualizations is a thorough knowledge of understanding your data and your visualization requirements. Whether you are developing a data visualization tool, dashboard, or a custom visualization project, following a systematic approach to gather requirements is essential. We start by defining project objectives with stakeholders, understanding budget , timeline and data constraints. A prototype is created and details of iterative development process are agreed..


User Testing

User testing is not common practice in dashboard projects. Yet, it can bring much valuable insight, helping create a better user experience and help users make better business decisions. It may add seem like this adds cost initially, but in our experience it reduces overall cost of project by reducing iterations and improving decision making. We create prototype and test them with users before starting to embark on building a Dashboard..


Build Interactive Analytics

We prefer interactive analytics over static. The ability to interact with data in real-time and dynamically explore various facets of information provides users with a more flexible and powerful analytical experience. It empowers users to extract meaningful insights efficiently, adapt to changing requirements, and collaboratively contribute to data-driven decision-making within organizations.


Automation and Feedback Loop

Automated data operations boost the productivity of business team and allow them to collaborate with technical team in real time. Automating the data visualization process can save time, reduce manual errors, and enable faster decision-making..


Our Offering

Data Visualisation is an art and we treat is such. We don’t treat data visaualiation as just a data problems, we understand that visuals are for humans. Our designers produce data visualization that are simple, impactful and engaging. We work with various tools including Tableau, Power BI, HighChart, D3.js, Google Charts and many others. We strive to produce visual tools for your decision makers.

  • Static Data Visualization
  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • Time Series Visualization
  • GIS & Geo Visualization
  • Indicators
  • Pivot Tables
  • Matrices

Our Expertise


Unified Analytics


Interactive Charts


Data Summary




Dash Apps


Apache Superset

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We love data and love solving data problem. We're committed to making data understandable !

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